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Soupman is a superhero and is here in California to save people from bad soups. We created a character called Soupman to represent The Soupman brand, the best soup ever. With the character, we developed a campaign to show how the brand (The Soupman) compares with other soup brands, and the Soupman is just better.​



Audience: People who are in the work force, and women at home do not have enough time to prepare a delicious soup. However, people who willing to spend more time and money on good soup. Ages: 25 to 45. housewives or businessmen and women.



Soupman Personality: 




Loves soup more than anything else.

Righteous. (He can't see other people living in a bad soup world.)




Everyone has the right to eat good soup.



Signature Phrase:

I save you from bad soup.

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